Ultimate Phonics Quick Start

The Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is a complete, systematic, explicit phonics software program. It helps you teach beginning and struggling readers of all ages to be accurate, fluent readers with higher comprehension.

To get up and running quickly with Ultimate Phonics:

  • Watch the Quick Start video
  • Read the Quick Start PDF
  • Check out our free supporting resources

If you are not already using Ultimate Phonics, you can try it for free. Just click the button below and we will send you a link to download the program.

Watch the Quick Start video

Read the Quick Start PDF

Read the Quick Start PDF so you fully understand how the program works. It only takes a few minutes.

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Check out our free resources

Ultimate Phonics Words and Sentences

These are all the word lists and sentences taught in Ultimate Phonics, organized by lesson. Use this if you want a printout of the reading content in the lessons.

  Get the Words and Sentences

Ultimate Phonics Reading Test

This is a free test you can use to assess how much Ultimate Phonics will help a student. The worse a student does, the more Ultimate Phonics will help.

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Ultimate Phonics Scope and Sequence

This is the complete scope and sequence for all 262 lessons. It is the table of contents showing you what each lesson teaches.

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Ultimate Phonics Tracking Sheet

This is a simple tracking sheet to keep track of a student's progress in the lessons.

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