Ultimate Phonics Helps You Teach Better Reading

Ultimate Phonics software helps you teach beginning and struggling readers of all ages to be accurate, fluent readers with higher comprehension.

Are your students struggling with reading?

Do your children or students have either of these reading problems?

  • Guessing and skipping

    Do they memorize whole words and guess or skip when they try to read words they don't already know?

  • Slow, laborious reading

    Do they try to sound out new words but they read too slowly and laboriously to keep track of the meaning?

These are serious problems that cause poor reading comprehension, prevent students from becoming good readers, and block them from getting a good education.

Most students who fall behind in reading never catch up. Poor reading is a problem that holds them back as they get older. It negatively affects their self-esteem, their education and their future prospects.

It doesn't have to be this way...

Try Ultimate Phonics for free

Whether you are a teacher, tutor, or homeschooler, the Ultimate Phonics program helps you fix serious reading problems such as guessing or slow, laborious reading.

You can achieve these results for beginning and struggling readers of all ages:

  • Much higher reading grade level
  • More accurate and fluent reading
  • Better reading comprehension
  • Better pronunciation
  • Better spelling
  • Better education

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You can teach all kinds of students

Beginning reading phonics program

Beginning Readers

Many children never become good readers. If you want to insure your young children become excellent lifelong readers, Ultimate Phonics is a great phonics program for beginning readers.

Remedial reading phonics program for struggling readers

Struggling Readers

When your students struggle with reading, it cripples their education. Ultimate Phonics is an excellent remedial reading phonics program for struggling readers that helps them catch up and succeed.

High school and middle school phonics reading program

Middle / High School

Ultimate Phonics is an excellent, age-appropriate, high school and middle school phonics program that greatly improves the reading of older struggling readers in higher grades.

Adult literacy phonics program

Adult Literacy

There is no better adult literacy phonics program than Ultimate Phonics. Adult learners love the direct, non-insulting design and content. This is an essential tool for any adult literacy group.

ESL phonics reading software program


English as a Second Language students need to learn how to read with phonics while they are learning to speak English. Ultimate Phonics improves reading and pronunciation for ESL students of all ages.

Dyslexia phonics software app for all ages


Ultimate Phonics uses a scientifically proven method, consistent with Orton-Gillingham programs, that teaches people of all ages to overcome dyslexia and become good readers.

Who can teach with Ultimate Phonics


If you want your young children or students to become excellent lifelong readers, there is no better reading program than Ultimate Phonics.


If your children or students are struggling with reading, it can ruin their entire education. Ultimate Phonics helps them catch up and succeed.


Ultimate Phonics was originally developed for use by tutors in a reading center. If you are a reading tutor, it is an ideal program for teaching students of all ages.


Older students who are motivated to learn to read can teach themselves with Ultimate Phonics.

I think this is the single best reading program out there on a computer. I have tried many of them and yours is the best by far.

Steve Horovitz, Parent

This is by far the best phonics app I've come across EVER! My son struggled to read for as long as I could remember and I tried almost every program out there including ABC Mouse and Hooked On Phonics. Nothing worked until I came across this app. You guys gave us hope and my son is starting to read better already. He's getting more confident in his reading and doing better in school. I started to get discouraged until I found Ultimate Phonics. THANK YOU!

Epic Harris, Google Play Reviewer

I have been using your Ultimate Phonics Reading Program to help my 11 year old son who has dyslexia and other learning disabilities. I am amazed and relieved at his progress.

Lori Miller, Parent

Weak phonics skill causes major reading problems

Symptoms of weak phonics

  • Guessing at words
  • Skipping words
  • Adding words that aren't there
  • Slow, laborious reading

Problems from weak phonics

  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Dislikes reading
  • Does poorly in school
  • Blocked from getting a good education

Students with weak phonics skill will never become good readers until the phonics problem is fixed.

Ultimate Phonics fixes the phonics problem by teaching strong decoding skill and accurate, fluent reading.

Why Ultimate Phonics works

1)  Because it teaches the foundation of reading

Phonics is the foundation of better reading. Mountains of research has shown that phonics skill is the greatest predictor of reading ability, including fluency and comprehension. Unfortunately phonics is difficult for many people unless they are taught properly.

Ultimate Phonics thoroughly teaches your children or students the essential phonics skill they need for maximum reading achievement.

Phonics Program and Reading Ability

2)  Because it’s complete

Ultimate Phonics teaches all the phonics sounds and rules of English. By comparison, many other programs are incomplete and don’t do a thorough job.

3)  Because it provides lots of practice

In the course of completing Ultimate Phonics your students read over 4,400 different words and 2,100 sentences, starting at a basic level and progressing to an advanced level. This prepares them to read books and other content at any level.

4)  Because it requires no special training

You don’t need any training or teaching experience to successfully teach reading with Ultimate Phonics. All the expertise is built into the design of the software and the structure of our word lists and sentences. Of course, if you are an experienced teacher you’ll love the design and depth of our program.

5)  Because it’s easy to use

Ultimate Phonics is very simple to use. You just listen to your children or students read all the words and sentences in the program and you’re done! Now they can read books and other reading material independently.

6)  Because it’s not an “edutainment” program

Ultimate Phonics is a 100% educational program. Its sole purpose is to teach your children or students to read once and for all. In contrast, many other programs emphasize cartoon game distractions and only teach a little bit about reading.

7)  Because it’s suitable for all ages

Ultimate Phonics can benefit people of all ages who are beginning readers, poor readers, or non-readers. If you have young children just starting to read you can teach them to be excellent readers at an early age. If you have older children or adults with reading difficulties you can greatly improve their reading ability.

8)  Because it’s ideal for dyslexia

Ultimate Phonics is a direct, systematic, intensive phonics program. This approach is widely recognized as the best for teaching dyslexics and other problem readers.

9)  Because it’s affordable

At a low, one-time price for the complete program, Ultimate Phonics is one of the best investments you can make for your students' future. It enables you to give one of the greatest gifts of all: the gift of reading.

10)  Because it works

Ultimate Phonics is a proven program, supported by scientific research, that has been successfully used in thousands of homes and schools over the past twenty years. We 100% guarantee that Ultimate Phonics will bring huge improvements in reading achievement for your children or students.