The Best Remedial Reading Phonics Program for Older Children and Students

Ultimate Phonics is the best remedial reading phonics program for your older children and students.

Why your child has trouble with reading

Your child has trouble with reading because the human brain is not designed by nature to read. Although we are naturally provided with incredible spoken language abilities, there is no part of our brain that is designed to read printed language. This explains why learning to read is so difficult for your child and why a well designed phonics program is the key for teaching him.

What happens when we learn to read

When we learn to read we go through a gradual process of connecting the parts of the brain that recognize patterns such as letters and letter groups with the parts of the brain that handle spoken language. This is commonly known as phonics. When this learning process is complete we can rapidly scan printed language and fluently and accurately decode it into spoken language. That is, we can now read.

Phonics is the key to reading achievement

Numerous scientific studies have shown that phonics skills are the single most important predictor of successful reading achievement.

Phonics skills and reading achievement

Ultimate Phonics builds your child's reading brain

Ultimate Phonics is specifically designed to build your child's powerful reading brain. Through a series of 262 lessons it enables you to easily teach your child to be a fluent, accurate, excellent lifelong reader.

Find out if we can help

You can use our free 10 minute reading test to easily check your children's reading ability. Of course, very young children can't be expected to read all of our test right now. However it can still give you a good idea of their current reading level and show you how much progress they can make.

You can't leave reading to the schools

Most children never go through the process of building their reading brain and learning to skillfully read. Unfortunately, you can't just leave it to the schools. Look at the reading achievement scores for 4th graders from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). This is the nation's report card on reading in 2007.

4th grade reading scores
  • 34% of fourth graders are very poor readers or illiterate.
  • Another 34% of fourth graders read below a proficient level.
  • Only 24% are proficient readers by fourth grade.
  • Only 7% of children are advanced readers by fourth grade

Improve Grades 4-6 Achievement

Ultimate Phonics improves reading achievement for your weaker readers in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. It's an easy, affordable way to provide the remedial phonics instruction necessary to bring lagging students up to grade level.